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Fic: Winningest Isn't A Real Word | Dan/Casey (crossover w/Olympics RPS) | PG-13

Title: Winningest Isn't A Real Word
Author: scarlett_o
Fandom: Sports Night/Olympics RPS crossover
Pairing/Characters: Dan/Casey, Michael/Ryan
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own no one and nobody.
Summary: In which Casey has a mancrush and Michael doesn't care if Ryan makes a fool of himself as long as he doesn't withhold blowjobs.
Spoilers/Warnings: In the same universe as What Kind of Day Has it Been (SN/SPN crossover) but it's not necessary to read that one to understand this one. There's only one quick reference to it. Highlight to read. (Dean and Sam are mistaken for hookers by Dana in it.) This is set in September 2008, after Michael Phelps' appearance on SNL.
Word Count: ~4,700
Author's Notes: This has been mostly written forever, but I finally finished it. Beta'd by the wonderful skewedview.
Tags: casey, danrydell, sn
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