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Sports Night fic: Nobody's Ed McMahon (good as it gets remix)

Title: Nobody's Ed McMahon (good as it gets remix)
Author: A S Lawrence (phoebesmum)
Fandom: Sports Night
Characters: Casey McCall, Dan Rydell, Dana Whitaker, Isaac Jaffee
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,350 words
Summary: What do Dan and Casey want with NBC? Come to that, what does NBC want with them?
Written: 10 May 2010 for Remix 2010: source material Better Than Good by laurificus. With many thanks to kmousie for beta duties and keeping the characters American and far, far beyond that, for her enduring generosity and friendship.

( 'N,' Dana says viciously )
Tags: casey, dana, danrydell, isaac, sn
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