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Valentine's Day Cuddles, Snuggles, Kisses and Porn Multi-Fandom Story Tree

For many of us, it's cold, we're buried under two feet of snow and we need a little warming up.  So for one week, between today and Valentine's Day, on my personal journals I'm running a multi-fandom V-Day story tree.  Any fandom, any pairing (or no pairing).  Looking for a reason to get your fluff on?  Got a cute little snuggly fic idea?  Maybe you think it's just plain time for your two favorite characters to get it on.  Come add a branch to the Story Tree!

What's a story tree?  It's a set of 'connected' short stories.  Not a round robin story or anything like that, but where connection between fics comes from using the last word of one fic as the first word in the next story.  If someone starts with an Stargate: Atlantis story you can follow with a Hawaii 5-0 story and someone can follow you with a NCIS story ... There does not need to be a continuing plot line or theme between drabbles. 

So please, come over and check it out and drop a snuggle or cuddle or two on the tree.

Start here for more information -->  Story Tree FAQ on DW

Quick note: my apologies to anyone whose reading list is getting spammed by this.  I'm trying to get the word out as far and wide as I can.  Please help me pimp, especially to fandoms I'm not in.

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